2019 midpoint review


  • Thriving at an amazing company with amazing people. This is the first job where I can see myself staying and growing for the mid-to-long term.
  • Spent time on my personal interests, something I’ve neglected for a long while:


  • Made negative progress on my weight loss goal for the year. Targeted 12 kg loss, currently at a slight gain instead
  • Have not been exercising at all


  • Behind on my reading goal for the year. Targeted 24 books read, currently at 9
  • Have not been writing much nor making good progress on building out my knowledge base

On the balance, I’ll say I had a pretty good first half of the year.

I know what I need to do to get moving on the “bad” items:

  • Get a lot more disciplined with what I put into my body
  • Figure out a fixed time every day to get in about half an hour of running

Easier said than done!

I’ll also hopefully knock out some of those “ugly” ones as well but I’m not too fussed about those — getting in better physical shape is a much higher priority for me at this point in time.

Here’s to a good rest of 2019!